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enMotion Automatic Touchless Dispensing 

Finally, a reliable and affordable automated touchless towel system. enMotion high-capacity towel system helps reduce the number of service visits and dispenses a single towel by putting your hand in motion. Powered by four long-lasting standard D-cell batteries providing for easy and low maintenance requirements, this next generation of automated, touchless dispensing provides a cleaner, more hygienic environment, significantly lower waste and reduced maintenance. enMotion is a sleek solution to an age-old problem.

Improves Hygiene

  • Delivers "touchless" dispensing
  • Minimizes risk of cross-contamination
  • Creates more hygienic environments

Enhances Image

  • Delivers sleek contemporary design
  • Offers color-coordinated ensemble pieces for matching system solutions
  • Suits any environment or operation

Reduces Costs

  • Delivers value of one-at-a-time towel dispensing
    • Helps reduce waste
    • Extends stock
    • Saves labor costs
  • Reduces maintenance time
    • Automatic paper transfer ensures continuity of service
    • Uses long-lasting, standard D-cell batteries for easy maintenance
  • Features high-capacity, quality towels
*The enMotion Automatic Touchless Dispensing System is available only in the Southern California region. The enMotion® automated touchless towel dispenser, owned by Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products LP, is not available for sale, but is subleased to end user customers by Distributor Name, an authorized distributor of this product. The Distributor Name price is therefore a one-time sublease acquisition fee. The sublease requires that only enMotion products be used in this dispenser. You will receive your sublease registration form in the mail. The sublease form will also register your enMotion dispenser for Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products LP warranty program.
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