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Floor Safety & Slip Testing 
A comprehensive slip test program will ensure safe floors and fewer injuries.

Slip testing is one component of a complete floor safety program. Testing is conducted to ensure safety of floor surfaces.

A well designed floor safety program includes the following components:

  • A written safety plan - procedures for clean, hazard-free floors
  • Constant reinforcement of the safety plan
  • Matting program for moisture prone areas
  • Spill control plan
  • Warning cone procedures
  • Cleaning schedules for optimum safety concerns
  • Grip shoe program for safety
  • Using UL authorized products
  • Slip testing

Being aware of hazards and implementing a plan can increase safety. Special care should be taken with regard to the following:

  • Schedule floor cleaning when customer and employee traffic is light
  • Watch for over-spray of furniture polish
  • Watch for over-spray of lubricants near vending machines and copiers
  • Beware of misters in produce areas of supermarkets
  • Watch for over-spray of perfumes in retail establishments

Both ASTM and Underwriters Laboratories stress measuring the Static Coefficient of Friction (SCOF), which is based more on the floor surface and less on the walking process. If the SCOF is 0.5 or greater a finished floor is considered a safe surface, if it is below 0.5, the finished floor surface does not meet the standard.

The actual walking process is a dynamic one that involves the following considerations:

  • The walker's gait
  • Weight of the individual
  • Shoe type and style
  • Individual's coordination
  • Speed of movement
The portable Sellmaier tester is just as accurate as the lab-bound James Machine.

Dynamic slip testing simulates the walking process and measures the Dynamic Coefficient of Slipperiness but that form of testing cannot account for the diversity of the individuals, walking style, shoes and other variables.

In August 1998 Intertek Testing Services, NA Inc. an OSHA NRTL (Nationally Recognized Test Lab) showed that the James Machine and the portable Sellmaier FSC 200 (the slip test unit Maintex utilizes) yielded equivalent maximum SCOF results during testing performed in July of 1998. This validated the correlation of the Sellmaier with the James Machine using ASTM F489-96 and ASTM 2047-93 protocols under laboratory conditions. Testing was conducted on vinyl composite, marble, Barco and terrazzo floor surfaces.

By using Maintex UL authorized floor finishes in conjunction with a hazard free program you can increase the safety of your floor program.

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