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Scrubber Quick Tips 
Preventative maintenance now will save money later. The better you take care of your equipment, the longer the eqiupment will function without repair!

Here are some quick tips to preserve the life of your autoscrubber, courtesy of the Maintex Equipment Service and Repair Department.

  • After every 200 hours of scrubber use check for loose battery connections and clean the surface of the batteries, including terminals and cable clamps, using a strong solution of baking soda and water. After cleaning, apply battery post protectant.
  • Check the water level in all battery cells. if the level is low, add just enough water to cover the plates. DO not overfill. Add distilled water only. Always keep battery caps on, except when adding water or taking hydrometer readings.
  • The batteries are designed to hold their power for long periods of time. The lifetime of the batteries is limited to number of charges the batteries receive. To get the most life from the batteries, recharge them immediately when the battery discharge indicator begins to blink.
  • Check your filter monthly. Clean debris and other contaminates from squeegee and clean and grease wheels if necessary.
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