Our graphics department is available to build your company’s marketing impact for our customers. We do this by developing a custom private brand label for your chemical products. The full-service, in-house graphics design team can design custom labels providing a thoroughly professional identity that strengthens your brand.


Branding solutions by Maintex include designs for your company’s packaging that unify your branding efforts with the right modifications on labels, flyers, brochures and your website. From creative concept through production, our graphics team can enhance and improve your existing graphics or create new designs.


Maintex offers bilingual (English and Spanish) training and educational seminars, videos, training materials and catalogs as part of our value-add services. Our training videos range from demonstrations on how to operate our equipment, to ways of using and optimizing cleaning products and janitorial procedures. Videos and online digital demonstrations have proven to be effective methods of implementing training strategies and continuing education programs. These tools allow workers to access learning resources at work or from home.