Maintex understands the changing needs of building service contractors, whose role today balances the need to operate a successful business while meeting increasing client demands for outstanding service at competitive prices.

More than ever, building service contractors want better tools and better products that will save time and labor and reduce their costs while providing exceptional customer service. Our combined expertise in both manufacturing and distribution are what enable us to deliver better, more strategic solutions with a faster turn-around.

Our comprehensive, one-stop-shopping program is designed to ensure safety and take maximum advantage of the tools and products that provide the cleanest environments for contractors and the diverse clients they serve. We offer:

  • The safest, most compliant products on the market, as well as the option for Maintex to create superior, customized products for specific needs;
  • The most advanced, cost-saving and reliable cleaning equipment that helps reduce chemical use and is quiet for day cleaning operations;
  • Intensive, hands-on training of personnel, in English and Spanish, that is essential to ensure that maintenance staff understand products, tools, techniques, and customer service; and
  • On-line ordering 24/7 to keep supplies current and support on-going assignments – large and small.

Above all, we are your partner and work diligently and collaboratively to make your business successful and to set you apart from your competition with better margins and always, a customized approach to solving problems.


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