At Maintex, we know that the maintenance and cleanliness of educational facilities – whether for K-12 or a college campus –  have significant impact on student and teacher performance. We are committed to maintaining the optimum learning environment – clean, healthy, customized solutions at the lowest cost possible.

Studies have shown that schools that are cleaner and in better physical condition report improved academic performance, better attendance and a more engaged student body. We take that seriously and work with your facility managers to tailor maintenance programs and products that ensure well-maintained, inviting, and healthy facilities that support the effective operations of an education institution and a positive public image to students, parents, teachers and communities.

We have an eye on optimizing your school’s resources and custodial budget for the best possible performance. The equipment and products Maintex offers are the safest and most reliable on the market. At a time when the expectations for schools keep rising, Maintex supports sustainable cleaning practices, improves your school’s air quality and increases the lifespan of aging facilities. Our products and practices can be important tools for protecting the investment of donors and school districts.

Maintex provides what your schools need to keep classrooms and high-traffic areas cleaner and working properly with:

  • Expertise in servicing the special needs of educational facilities
  • Timely delivery
  • Competitive pricing
  • Bilingual training in English and Spanish
  • A simple, fast billing system
  • Easy access to representatives for consultation

In every way, Maintex works with your school or district to develop a total facilities maintenance and custodial program that can adapt quickly to your changing needs and support better student attendance and performance.


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