Maintex has an outstanding track record of working successfully with a wide range of city, county and state entities to deliver comprehensive, innovative and cost-saving maintenance solutions.

Taxpayers expect government facilities to demonstrate high standards of cleanliness and healthy environments at all times. Environmental concerns and the way your buildings and interiors present to the public are critically important.  At the same time, Maintex understands the stringent budgetary concerns of government facilities managers and operators. Our mission is to help you provide a clean, healthy and efficient environment for your employees and visitors that will meet and exceed government standards at the lowest possible cost.

No facility or surface is exactly the same. You can count on Maintex to make sure that the different flooring materials and surfaces in your lobbies and corridors, elevators and escalators, meeting rooms, offices, break rooms, and restrooms are carefully treated with the specific, appropriate cleaning products and tools.  From marble and hardwood to terrazzo, concrete or carpet, we furnish the right, modern equipment and products for the optimum cleaning effect.

Maintex is also very experienced at navigating the special sourcing requirements of government facilities and specific processing procedures for purchase orders and billing.  We stay current on new legislation and regulatory changes as they evolve and make sure that our processes reflect that change and the needs of our clients.

Maintex has the capabilities to develop special products and packages and sustainable solutions that help you ensure 100% compliance with EPA and other requirements and reach your sustainable goals, including LEED certification. We understand your custodial and maintenance needs and stand ready to serve you with the most efficient and cost-effective solutions.


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