Maintex understands the specialized requirements of providing 100% safe and clean healing environments at an overall cost that keeps a facility’s budget in line. Our industry-specific expertise in both long-term and acute health care facilities coupled with a long list of proprietary solutions, such as our Modern Disinfection Program, have provided a wide range of healthcare clients with significant cost efficiencies while delivering the highest level of compliant safety and cleanliness.

Our in-house chemical research and development enables us to ensure that not only are the products that we distribute safe, but also that we have the flexibility to develop customized chemical products that often exceed industry standards.

Our internal manufacturing capability also equips Maintex with the ability to work with our clients on a very customized basis to reduce HAIs, prepare for key inspections and improve HCAHPs scores – all towards creating an environment of trust and integrity for patients, visitors and staff.

In addition, Maintex has been a long-standing leader in sustainability in both the manufacture and the distribution of products that support the planet- many of which are Green Seal certified.

Our team of healthcare experts understand your objectives – a germ-free environment that will meet or exceed the standards of the healthcare industry and the patients for whom it provides critical care. We know that you need the most competitive costs at the highest level of performance, and that is what Maintex has done best for over fifty five years.


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