Maintex knows the challenges of keeping common areas clean and well maintained for residents of apartment complexes and mixed-use developments. Maintex helps you create a customized program that will solve your toughest maintenance problems, increase tenant satisfaction and increase profitability.

The new apartment market is designed to appeal to millennials, who are often transient workers who want to live in mostly urban, walkable, live-work-play environments.  We specialize in helping owners and managers turn residential units quickly and efficiently, providing the tools, equipment, and products you need for every challenging surface whether your tenant base is long term or on the move.

Our expertise:

  • Sidewalks: Stain removal for clean pavements
  • Breezeways: Extending life of outdoor carpet and keeping it attractive
  • BBQ areas: Special BBQ cleaning package for clean, healthy summers
  • Pool areas and pool furniture: Making tile and glass doors sparkle
  • Parking structures: Mitigating dust for clean cars and pavements
  • Laundry facilities, trash rooms and other necessary amenities: Visibly clean and smelling fresh for users
  • Specialized solutions for leasing offices exteriors and interior spaces

We provide the equipment and machines and the essential training for custodial and maintenance personnel. Our trainings are conducted in English and Spanish to ensure health and safety throughout your facilities and keep your maintenance operations running smoothly.

Maintex keeps prices reasonable and costs down while improving performance and assisting your leasing and retention programs – creating a lasting value for you, your managers and your residents.


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